The Temporality of Human Connection

Another year, another transition. And though most of us usually fail to change some of our adverse behavioral patterns in hopes of finding resolve to our shortcomings, I think it is the willingness to embrace a new start that really matters. How many of us are brave enough to lose someone who has been our … Continue reading The Temporality of Human Connection

Choose Love That is Freeing

30 years of existence, and nearly 15 years of trying to figure out how love should really be. At 16, all I knew was love should be a constant effort and appreciation with no demands of possession. But really, what kind of love doesn't make you feel possessive over the other? When you love someone, … Continue reading Choose Love That is Freeing

#LifeLately: Don’t Compromise Your Well-Being for Toxic People

I've recently reconnected with a close friend from high school. It was nice to have someone come over several times a week; just sitting in the garage, sipping our freshly brewed coffee while contemplating on how much life has changed since God-knows-when. For at least a few weeks, these small talks were something I highly … Continue reading #LifeLately: Don’t Compromise Your Well-Being for Toxic People